Olive Farm Products

Natural Care Products

We use the highest quality- an exclusively pure olive oil- called cold-pressed natural extra-virgin olive oil, up to 40% ratios in our Natural Care Products line.

Food Products

We want to bring the smell and taste of our farm to your homes.

Wood Products

We love the texture of olive trees, thus we generate organic wooden toys and diligently designed kitchenware out of nature’s marvellous creation of olive trees, reclusive of all chemicals, in our carpenter’s shop in the farm.

Olive farm

Olive Farm was established in 1995 by an American industrialist and engineer, Richard Rosenberg, on a land of 350 thousand square meters in Datça. The purpose of this establishment was to export the world’s highest quality olive oil and by-products to the United States.

In 2005, Richard, due to retirement, sold Olive Farm to a Datça lover from Istanbul and returned to his own country. Since then, the land of Olive Farm has further expanded and as a whole, obtained Organic Agriculture Certificate. The variety of products derived from this Organic Farm has increased and a guesthouse was added to the facilities in order for the people to experience Olive Farm first hand. In the meantime, technology and knowledge have been refreshed.

Today, in the orchards of Olive Farm, Organic Olive Oil, Vinegar, Wooden Toys from Olive Trees, Kitchenware, Variety of Fruits, Jams, Molasses, Soaps made from herbs, Natural Care Products made from Olive Oil, Lotions, and Hair Care Products are produced. All is produced and packaged in Olive Farm. Increasing number of enthusiasts demand the products they are hooked on via www.olivefarm.com.tr or visiting the Olive Farm in summertime.